For 25 years Playbox Theatre has developed theatre for and with young people, placing at its heart young people as both artists and audience.

Based at our custom designed complex ‘The Dream Factory’ in Warwick, we develop the skills, talent and confidence of young people through exciting and innovative methods including theatre, movement, circus, multimedia and extraordinary live events.

Playbox reaches all ages, demographics and community through a very special programme of training, performance, enrichment through the arts and partnerships.

Young artists push boundaries; creating original work which reflects our age, our values, our debates, our concerns, our humour and most importantly our dreams. We state what we think theatre should be, not what others think or expect, we break taboos and challenge labels that young people just don’t want.

Our aspiration is to make new work, evoke a wild spirit and tackle new themes in original and moving ways.

Playbox Theatre are key clients of Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council.



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