Kasbah Nightclub // 4 June 2013

The night kicked of with local band Glassguns, who were much loved by the home crowd.

Having seen The Darkness in Manchester earlier in the year, I was very excited about them coming to my home town and they didn’t disappoint.

Coming on stage to their “Hawkins Brothers” song the crowd went wild for Justin, Dan, Ed and Frankie.

Kicking off with “Every Inch of You” got the crowd singing and bouncing and set the scene for the rest of the evening.

Including songs from all three albums, the guys totally rocked the Kasbah to the core.
A variety of objects made their way to stage – bras, knickers, a coat (which Justin modelled wonderfully) and some trainers which the band agreed was probably a “Coventry thing” (and probably is!).

Mr Hawkins the Elder was ever the showman. Audience participation with singing “Get Your Hands Off My Woman” was particularly funny – I wont go into it but needless to say you had to be there to appreciate it!

Towards the end of the night, Justin decided to climb and shimmy along the balcony before diving into the crowd … thankfully he was caught and returned to the stage before the band finished with “LoveOn The Rocks (No Ice)”.

An amazingly exhilarating night with a band who clearly enjoy everything they do as well as being together was enjoyed by all – especially me : )

See what Justin Hawkins had to say:

Video courtesy of digital-flow.co.uk. Photography – Edward Taylor from digital-flow.co.uk



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