Ricoh Arena // 22 May 2013

Supported by Bastille and Dizzee Rascal, Muse started their show with a bang – quite literally! Flames soared and warmed the Ricoh Arena on the early summer (although blooming cold) evening as Muse made their entrance to “Supremacy”, the three man band filling the venue with sound and light.

The show – for a show it was – included songs from the recent “2nd Law” album as well as from their immense back catalogue, including “Feeling Good”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Resistance” and “Knights of Cydonia”.

Their latest single “Panic Station” featured animated figures of David Cameron, Barack Obama and other political figures busting some moves. The lights and flames continued and the show included many theatrics including a giant lightbulb floating across the arena to “Blackout” with a live ballerina appearing inside. Charles, a giant (30 metre) robot also appeared on stage singing “Unsustainable” – which was more than a little surreal.

In their programme, Muse themselves say the tour is a metaphor for a global energy crisis of sorts, about reaching limits and nearing collapse.

The lighting effects and backdrops were all incredible and kept a red black and white theme which the band embraced with their outfits.

The two hour set finished with a fantastic rendition of “Starlight”.

Having not been much of a Muse fan, I have now very happily been converted and hope that they return this way soon.



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