With Stylusboy just about to release their latest music delight the Lantern EP, we thought  it the perfect time to introduce them to all of you who have been missing out so far.

Would you like to introduce Stylusboy?

We are a folk duo from Coventry. Rachel and Steve, pleased to meet you!

How would you describe your sound?

Folky, acoustic, mellow, optimistic, hopefully, harmonious. Live we are acoustic guitar and two vocals. On our records we have a fuller sound.

What are your influences?

People we probably take direct influence from, in terms of what we write are bands like The Civil Wars, The Staves, Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons and Johnny Cash. Between us we have a huge collection of influences, from bands like Radiohead and Idlewild through to things like country and heavy rock like Pearl Jam.

Your new ‘Lantern EP’ is out this month, what can we expect from this?

Musically the EP has four tracks. Lantern a cheery upbeat summery tune talking about the complications of relationships. Love’s Tale was written for Steve’s sister wedding and is about love! The EP also has to live tracks which were recorded at Hot Numbers Coffee House in Cambridge in May this year when we supported Polly Paulusma. The EP is a precursor to our debut album which is coming out later this year.

The artwork for the EP has been created by local artist Cheyenne Bristow who has individually drawn the artwork for the first 100 copies. The other limited edition EPs have been hand stamped.

How can people get hold of your music?

The best way is look at www.stylusboy.co.uk or see us live! We are also on Facebook www.facebook.com/stylusboy.

What was the last album you bought?

Steve: Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Little Letters’

Rachel: Jake Bugg’s album

What would you say have been the highlights for you so far?

Being number 1 in Indonesia! Being signed by Polly Paulusma! Having the opportunity to make this album in our own time and working with some brilliant musicans.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hopefully making music that people connect with and enjoy but also stretching ourselves creatively. Making another album and playing more live shows.

Where can we catch you gigging next?

We are playing various shows over the summer and the best way is to look at www.stylusboy.co.uk/live and join The Stylus Folk, which is our newsletter: www.stylusboy.co.uk/join

Any last comments?

Thanks for asking us these questions. Come and follow us on Twitter @stylusboy or @rai_chull.

Stylusboy’s LANTERN EP is out July 29th on Wild Sound Recordings.





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