Kasbah, Coventry // 26 April 2013

Having being a loyal Supergrass fan for nearly 20 years meant I wasn’t going miss seeing Gaz Coombes on my home turf again – I had seen him previously at the Kasbah again in September 2008 and before that in May 2004 at the University of Warwick Students’ Union for their tenth anniversary tour, as well as at another couple of gigs in between.

The latter was the first gig I had been to in over ten years and brought back my love of live music flooding back, so Gaz, Danny and Mick will always have a very special place in my heart for giving my gig membrane the kiss of life (no pun intended).

I had bought the ‘Here Come The Bombs’ record last year and given it a few listens but, being honest, I didn’t get it.

Sometimes you have to see it to feel it and this was certainly the case last weekend. Being in the smaller room of the Kasbah certainly helped the feeling, intimate gigs are the way – you can keep your arenas as far as I am concerned.

I did feel a little ashamed that I didn’t know any words to the new material, but my feet and head were soon singing for me. There was a mix of electro, acoustic and good old rock and roll. The cover of “Mirror in the Bathroom” was damned good and went down a storm with the older crowd.

Gaz seemed relaxed and there was a lot of banter with the crowd. One word: badminton. I guess you had to be there to appreciate that.

Once the new album was played and received by the crowd, the band left only for Gaz to return to play two Supergrass classics – ‘Moving’ followed by ‘Richard III’ which closed the set.

‘Here Come The Bombs’ has had a dust off and is sat on the CD player where it actually belongs. Gaz is evolving and this is no bad thing.

He plays the last of this round of gigs next Monday (4 May) in his hometown of Oxford. I, for one, am already looking forward to next time.





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