We meet Coventry based film production company Blue Ridge Films who make creative, corporate and wedding films. Five guys who love to make films!

Tell us a little about some of your work so far?

Well corporate wise we’ve already got quite good list of previous clients. We’ve made videos for BMW Synter,  Rolls Royce, Coventry City Council and MotionHouse. We like to think we do things a little different than the standard corporate video, we try to be creative with the products for the benefit of the not only the customer, but ourselves!

Our biggest passion though is our creative arm. We have quite a few films under our belt already.Some experimental, some short and a little western we did…

Your latest short film is ‘Black Hill’, can you give us a brief overview of the film?

This was our first that was entered in festivals and pushed. As for an overview, well it’s online for anybody to watch for free, so I’d love to encourage people to watch it without any prior knowledge. All I’ll say is it’s a 22 minute western, shot in the Tabernas Desert in Spain and is set in the time of the American Civil War.

How was it filming Black Hill?

Hard. Filming Black Hill in the middle of the desert was a huge leap for us in not only budget, but also logistics. Fortunately enough though we couldn’t have had a better cast and crew. Everyone was fantastic in helping us make our film and we all formed a great friendship during those six days.

Who/what are the influences of Blue Ridge Films

I wouldn’t say there’s any direct influence, just any real successful start up company/film maker we can aspire to be, I suppose. Each film genre obviously has it’s own -usually obvious- influences that are too long to list. Personnally though, from a dream following perspective, I’ve always hugely admired Kevin Smith and everything he achieved from literally nothing.

What do you consider BRF best achievement so far?

Absolutely being nominated for the ‘Best Short’ award at Newport Beach Festival in America. We submitted Black Hill to it not expecting to hear back. But then finding out that we had been nominated was a dream come true. Three of the boys got to go out there and rub shoulders with all sorts of celebrities and the great talents California has to offer. It’s a huge festival, to make it to that stage on our first offical short was a huge honour.

What are your future plans? Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us a bit about?

We’re currently in the middle of a project for the Coventry Bears that we’re hugely enjoying. They’re really pushing their promotion to accompany their success and we’re so happy to be on board with them. We’re also in pre-production for several films and writing stages for another.Obviously I can’t say much about them right now, but I hope people are interested enough to stick with us and find out.

What’s the best advice you could give someone new to film production?

That’s such an open question, there’s so many things to learn and I’d imagine you never stop learning. I think the biggest personal advice I could give is to think hard about who you align yourself with. We wouldn’t be half as successful without the bond we have as a group. We all understand each others strengths and weaknesses and work well together because of that. There’s not much room for egos.

For for information go to www.blueridgefilms.co.uk

Watch Black Hill




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