Chillibite Bar & Grill, the home of great punjabi food.┬áChillibite Bar & Grill’s aim is simple: to provide our customers with a refreshing eating and dining experience.

Their dishes are cooked daily using fresh herbs, spices and ground masalas where possible using fresh local produce.

The Golden Horse public house was acquired during late 2010. The premises underwent a major refurbishment to create a contemporary styled bar grill.

The objective was simple: to create a unique Punjabi dining experience , a warm meeting place for Families, groups or couples alike .

Taking a fresh approach to indian cuisine from North India (Punjab) they offer refreshing menu serving specialty sizzlers and signature curry dishes. All dishes are cooked fresh whilst you wait using only the finest herbs, masalas and spices.

All indian food lovers are urge to come and experience Chillibite specialty sizzlers!



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